The LSC Process Refractometer utilizes the "critical angle" technique - an interface measurement of refractive index.

Our design employs the "I.R. Detection System" that provides Infinite Resolution while eliminating drift. This technique measures the total amount of "dissolved solids" of the process stream.

Process conditions such as entrained air, viscosity, suspended particles or crystals, colour (whether opaque or transparent), will not interfere with the accuracy of the concentration measurement



1.Heavy black liquor solids

2.Weak black liquor solids

3.Red liquor solids

4.Green liquor solids

5.Brown stock wash water

6.Caustic dilution

LSC process refractometers are commonly used to 

measure the % of solids of Black Liquor and green 

liquor in the kraft Process. Our automatic black liquor

divert systems is world renown in the industry and 

fully complies with “BLRBAC” black liquor recovery 

boiler advisory committee


1.Various tomato products

2.Applesauce, fruit syrups

3.Various jams and jellies

4.Various candy products



1.Acids; phosphoric, sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric, etc.

2.Isopropyl alcohol


4.Urea, urea formaldehyde

5.Caustic, caustic soda

6.DMA/DMF water blend

7.Styrene - ethylbenzene

8.Acrylic, acrylamide

9.MEK, toluene


1.Various drink products

2.Citrus drink products

3.Orange juice

4.Orange concentrate

5.Coffee, coffee products

6.Wort concentration, malt


1.Glycerine, glycol

2.Salt, brine, vinegar

3.Latex, cooked starch

4.Lubricating oil


1.Various milk products

2.Various cheese products

3.Yogurt, yogurt with fruit

In-Line Process Refractometer for Concentration / Density Measurements

The LSC 326 process refractometer is the most universal instrument in our market sold throughout all industries. Food, chemical, pulp & paper, etc.

Our Model 326 In-Line Refractometer is a fully computerized instrument which is a two-piece optical/electronic process instrument. It provides a continuous in-line concentration measurement, which can be viewed by the operator on its large 8.4" Touchscreen                      

Model 1022: Failsafe Automatic "Black Liquor" Divert System

(Fully complies with "BLRBAC" Recommendations)

The LSC Model 1022 Divert Sytem is a specialized piece of safety equipment which is designed specifically for the global "Pulp and Paper" market. We are happy to inform you that this is our 3rd generation divert system and that LSC was the 1st company to identify the need / provide a commercial solution for truly protecting recovery boilers since 1977 . Since then we have been working closely with the experts of the industry, so that we can continue to be the leader in preventing smelt water explosions in recovery boilers.

The number one priority of the LSC 1022 Divert Sytem is to prevent a smelt water explosion . Therefore we have designed a package that contains two independent refractometers and one Black Liquor divert controller. This allows us to safely monitor the "Black Liquor Solids" at all times and if / when needed divert the black liquor away from the recovery boiler.

The LSC Model 1022 performs all necessary operational functions, including a number of "first ever" features, and fully complies with all recommendations of the Black Liquor Recovery Boiler Advisory Committee