Control valves


Control valves are an important part of SOMAS valve program and they can be used in many industries. Different SOMAS valves can be used as control valves and the ball segment valve is one of them. Thanks to its design, with ball segment and shaft in one piece, the ball segment valve is the ideal control valve.

The butterfly valve is also an excellent control valve

The ball valve has flow characteristics less suitable for control applications, but when the other advantages of the ball valve (valve seats in both directions and low resistance at full opening) are important, it may very well be used as a control valve.

Control valves with torque transmission free of back-lash


An extremely important part of a control valve is the connection between the valve shaft and the actuator. SOMAS offers a patented backlash-free transmission friction coupling (valid for D?50) to optimize control performance and eliminate backlash. The actuators are designed to fit valves and accessories with the ISO 5211 and VDI/VDE 3845.

Control valves - references in many industries

Control valves are needed in all industries. Many process parameters such as rate of flow, level, pressure, temperature and concentration need to be fine-tuned. Properly designed, reliable and backlash-free control valves are therefore indispensable in the process industries

SOMAS control valves are a good choice for the pulp and paper industry. Typical applications are control of water supplied to achieve precise dilution of the pulp and regulating steam flow for drying. In the pharmaceutical industry SOMAS control valves are used to regulate the temperature in various reactors. In the steel industry our control valves regulate the flow of coolant used in the tempering process. Engine manufacturers use our valves for pressure regulation at the engine intake

Other industries using our control valves are the chemical, petrochemical, energy and shipping - shipbuilding industry.



The on/off valve should shut off the flow and be tight in the flow direction. It should ideally have a low flow resistance in open position. The shut-off valve often has a pneumatic actuator either double acting or single acting.

Many SOMAS valves are suitable for use as on/off valves

We have a number of valves in our product line suitable for on/off applications. SOMAS full flow ball valve SKV has very low flow resistance.

Another good choice is SOMAS butterfly valves. Due to its solid construction and maintenance-free design, this type of valve is a perfect solution for most on/off applications. It is also very attractively priced.


The ball segment valve also provides good value for money and is suitable for on/off applications. This type of valve is originally designed for control applications, but its open flow makes it a good choice for most on/off applications as well..

All industries need on/off valves, both during the process, and in connection with service and maintenance. It is important that the valves are easy to operate, and that the tightness of the closed valve is good.

SOMAS on/off valves are ideal for pulp&paper industry, pharmaceutical industry, steel industry, engine builders, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, but also the energy industry and the marine and shipbuilding industries.


SOMAS cargo valves

The Butterfly Valve is the perfect valve for the marine industry. Due to the design of the valve with the solid seat and the unique disc design the valve has an excellent tightness and works very good in marine applications.


SOMAS actuators Type A-DA and A-SC/SO

SOMAS actuator type A is designed for control- and on/off applications. This actuator is primarily intended for use with SOMAS ball valves, ball segment valves and butterfly valves.


SOMAS actuators can be equipped with a number of accessories to obtain the functions desired. The most common accessories for our control valves are the positioner’s type SP405 / SPE405 and TZID-C. Solenoid valves and limit switchesare available for our on/off valves.

Suntrion also supply somas manufactured ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves, cryogenic valves, exhaust valves, manual valves.

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