Mobile C-Arm

Suntrion supports the supply of PHILIPS & GE C-ARM MACHINES with excellent service support

suntrion suntrion
suntrion suntrion
  • Dual Mode 9"/6" Image Intensifier
  • Scopofix 100 Image Storage
  • Dual Hi-resolution Monitors With Cart
  • Hard Copy Matrix Camera 8"x10" Format
  • Fixed X-ray Tube Certified
  • Patient Data Keypad
  • Detectors: Semi conductor detector
  • BV29 Operators Manuals

C-Arm Movements

Height adjustment: 50 cm, motorized. Horizontal movement: 20 cm. Scanning in horizontal plane: 12 ½° to either side. Rotation of c-arm: 205° in either direction. Orbital movement of c-arm: 115°. Distance between x-ray tube space and image intensifier with 30 cm spacer: 60 cm.

C-arm stand

210 kg. Monitor trolley excluding image memory single monitor: 131 kg, dual monitors: 164 kg.

Mains Supply

Voltage: 110/120/127/190/208/220/240 V single phase, ?10%. Frequency: 50/60 Hz. Earth leakage current: less than 100ma.